harry morley

musician, computational artist

A/V Mini Projects

March 20, 2019

Collection of mini projects completed over the year as part of my MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths. Image processing algorithms coded from scratch using openFrameworks/C++, audio projects use openFrameworks/C++ with the ofxMaxim library.


Image manipulator

Monet waterliles being skewed and rippled Skews and ripples an image, in this case Monet’s Waterlilies.

Interactive AV sketch

Graphics based on FAL’s “Motion Catalog”, ported to openFrameworks/C++ by myself, with sonified using the ofxMaxim library. Uses subtractive and FM synthesis.

FM synth with radial FFT plot

Generates 8 note bass lines.

Granular audio scrubber with spray

Scrubs through audio.

3x3 video motion detector with radial plot

Three by three motion detector

Detects motion in 9 rectangles.